CEDSA’s Resource Center is a growing collection of articles that pertain to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and its closely related disorders. These articles are for anyone who has EDS, caregivers, medical professionals, educators, lawyers, or anyone who has interests in connective tissue disorders. This section will be constantly growing to help improve the quality of care and life of those who have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

The resource center is divided up into many groups, by clicking on any of the menu titles you will open a new page that has a list of articles to choose from. Many of the articles offer a PDF for you to download for easier use.

Below is a chart to understand the types of articles in each section:

We have many more articles in the process of being published so please check back frequently!

EDS Specific Articles:

EDS Gene Reviews

EDS in General

Classic EDS (Type I/II)

Hypermobile EDS
(Type III)

Hypermobility EDS

Vascular EDS (Type IV)

(Type VI A/B)

Arthrochalasia EDS
(Type VII A/B)

Dermatosparaxis EDS
(Type VII C)

EDS Genetic Testing

EDS Pain Managment

Complementary Medical Treatment (CAM)



Other Articles (This is where you will find co-morbid conditions like POTS, Chiari, Rickets and others.):


General area that is covered in this classification

Muscular and Skeletal System

Strength, Support, Shape, Protection, Leverage, Cell Production. Motor power for movements of body parts.



Nervous System

Control and Coordination of all body functions (Nervous coordination); Chiari will be found here

Hematology Bleeding, Clotting disorders

Respiratory System

Gaseous exchange

Cardiovascular System

Flow of blood (and nutrients) throughout body; POTS and Dysautonomia will be found here

Lymphatic System

Drainage and Protection

Endocrine System

Regulation of body functions (Chemical coordination)

Digestive System

Digestion and absorption of food

Urinary System

Regulation of body’s internal environment, and production and excretion of urine

Vitamins and Minerals Vitamin D, C, A, K and topics on Magnesium and other minerals; Articles on Rickets and Osteomalacia are here

Reproductive System

Formation of sperm, semen, or eggs, fertilization process, bearing the fetus during development