Equal Opportunities and Safeguard Statements

The Center for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Alliance Inc. (CEDSA) is committed to promoting equal opportunities. The Board of Directors value diversity and require their staff to be fair and to avoid any form of discrimination. They aim to ensure equal chances for all to work, or volunteer for CEDSA. In striving to achieve equality of opportunity, CEDSA will seek to overcome discriminatory barriers, in line with the Equalities Act 2010.

The Directors recognize that individuals may experience disadvantages. They expect their staff to treat all those in contact with the organization with respect. Positive efforts are made to provide for community groups whose needs and expectations are not well met. CEDSA will also review the diversity of the agencies that it works with and ensure that its partnerships are inclusive.

CEDSA will comply with all legislation, which deals with discrimination and promotes equality, and will ensure that all policies and procedures reflect commitment to equality of opportunity, including all policies and procedures relating to employment. Managers are required to ensure that all employees and applicants for posts are aware of the policy and CEDSA’s partnering agencies have similar policies. The policy is reviewed regularly by the Audit Committee, which will also be responsible for monitoring its effectiveness and reporting to the Directors.

Departments will also be responsible for ensuring that Equal Opportunities and inclusions are implemented within their service provision and diversity is shown to be valued. Department heads are to provide guidelines.

Any complaints are to be in writing and sent via postal mail or electronic mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). All complaints will be investigated in accordance with the law and will be promptly reviewed.

Safeguarding Statement

The successful job and volunteer candidates for working with children, young people, or vulnerable adults will be subject to an enhanced check through the confidential process administered by the Criminal Records Bureau. A conviction may not exclude candidates from these jobs, but will be considered as part of the recruitment process. All staff employed by CEDSA has an individual responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of the children/young people and vulnerable adults that they are responsible for or come into contact with.

Any concerns of illegal activity must be reported immediately to a manager, a member of the Board, and/or local law enforcement. This is a zero tolerance policy.

Supporting Statements

Race Equality: CEDSA’s Directors are committed to promoting harmony within the community and helping to overcome unlawful racial discrimination.
Disability Equality: CEDSA will not treat a person less favorably, directly or indirectly, on the basis of their disability and will promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities.
Gender Equality: CEDSA will not treat a person less favorably, directly or indirectly, on the basis of their gender or marital status.
Equality of Employment: CEDSA, through training and policies, will seek to create a supportive working environment free of prejudice. CEDSA will strive to ensure that people have equal opportunities to obtain employment in the organization in all departments and levels. CEDSA aims to work with disadvantaged sections of the community to encourage recruitment.
Accessibility: CEDSA strives to make its services and facilities accessible to all who wish to use them, and to make its employment arrangements accessible.
Sexual Orientation:

CEDSA will not discriminate directly or indirectly on the basis of sexual orientation.

Religion and Belief:

CEDSA will not discriminate directly or indirectly on the basis of religion or faith.

Age: CEDSA will not discriminate on the basis of a person’s age.